Civil Security & Privacy Policy


This Policy  Security & Protection of Personal Data applies and governs the operation of REMACO SA. BUSINESS AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS.

The headquarters of the company is in Maroussi, Attica, at 3 Artemidos Street, PC 151 25, and its Web Site

By reading this Privacy & Privacy Policy, the “user” has been informed about the way we collect, process and protect personal data available through the company’s website. By using the platform and providing personal data on it, you accept the privacy and confidentiality practice of our company, as stated in this Security & Privacy Policy.We reserve the right to review, update and change this policy from year to year. You should be aware of the policy at regular intervals to make sure you are aware of the latest version.



The company with the name “REMACO SA BUSINESS AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS ”manages the user registration system through the website For the purposes of the General ́ Regulation ́ Personal Data Protection ́ Character (EU 2016/679), our company is the Responsible Processor of personal data collected through this website and will process this data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation of Greece (L.2472 / 97).


Purposes of Processing

Our company will use your information for the following lawful processing purposes, in the framework of a contract between us or if you have given us your explicit and specific consent, for:

  • Management of your data and data within our services,
  • Marketing Actions: We may use your information for marketing actions permitted by law. Where we use your personal information for direct marketing purposes, advertising newsletters and promotional communications for new products and services that we believe may be of interest to you, we include a deletion link that you may use if you do not wish to receive such messages from us. in the future.
  • Communications: There may be times when we may contact you by email, mail, telephone or text message, depending on the contact information you have shared with us. This can be done for a number of reasons:
  1. We may need to respond to and manage any requests you make.
  2. When you use our services we may send you a questionnaire or invite you to write feedback about your experience from our website. We believe that this additional service is useful for both you and us as based on your comments we will be able to improve our website.
  • Details, improvements and research: we use personal data for research and analytical purposes. We may outsource this to us. We may disclose or disclose the results of an investigation, inter alia, to third parties, in a centralized and anonymous form, from which the identity of the person is not disclosed. We use your personal information for analysis purposes, to improve our services and user experience but also to improve the functionality and quality of the services we offer.
  • Legal proceedings and compliance: in some cases we need to use the information provided, which may include personal data, to manage and resolve legal disputes or complaints, for regulatory investigations and compliance, or to implement the agreement (s) or to comply with lawful requests from law enforcement authorities, to the extent required by law.

If we use automated personal data processing media that has legal effects or that significantly affect you, we will take appropriate steps to protect your rights and freedoms, including the right to human intervention.

Legal Basis for the Processing of Your Data

  • For a-e purposes, we rely on our legitimate interests: we use the data for our legitimate interests, by providing you with the best and most appropriate content for the website, email and newsletter, for the improvement and promotion of products and our services, the content of our website, as well as for management purposes, fraud detection and legal purposes. When we use personal data to serve our legitimate interests, we always prioritize your rights and interests regarding the protection of your data over our own rights and interests.
  • With respect to purpose e, where applicable, we rely on our obligation to comply with applicable law.
  • Where required by applicable law, we will seek your consent before processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

In cases a to d we will always ask for your explicit and conscious consent, in order to process data that is lawful, legitimate and transparent. We know that we collect data only for the above purposes. In case we collect data for any purpose other than the above, we will inform you, during their collection, in detail so that you can give us your consent. The data we collect are absolutely necessary for your service and the constantly upgraded quality of the services we provide. The period of preservation and processing is determined by the existing provisions, the conditions of the EU. but also the purpose of the processing.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at email privacy [at]


Ways of collecting personal data

The company collects your personal data with your consent and acceptance of the terms of use of each of its services, such as:

  • When sending an email or completing a request for information / service offer, οικειοθελώς σε έντυπους ή ηλεκτρονικούς καταλόγους ώστε να λαμβάνεται έντυπα, ηλεκτρονικά ή με SMS ενημερωτικό υλικό ή άλλο υλικό μάρκετινγκ ή ανανεώνεται τις προτιμήσεις αυτές,
  • When you visit our website through which we collect, through cookies, the necessary information from your terminal device and your browser.

What kind of data do we collect

Our company collects the necessary information within the framework of the contract between us or if you have given us your explicit and special consent. In particular, we collect only personally identifiable data or information provided specifically and voluntarily.

Visitors can also send us an e-mail through the website. Their messages will contain the user’s screen name and e-mail address, as well as any additional information that the user may wish to include in the message.

Data we collect automatically

When you use our website, we collect the information automatically, some of which may be personal data. These include information such as IP address, location, device settings, device’s operating system, activity details, usage time, redirect URL, status report, user information (browser version information), the operating system, the browsing history, the type of data you saw.

Με όλους τους εκτελούντες την επεξεργασία των δεδομένων σας ή τρίτους υπευθύνους επεξεργασίας, η εταιρεία μας έχει υπογράψει σύμβαση επεξεργασίας δεδομένων και εχεμύθειας.

Child Data Protection

Our company does not process personal data of minor children to the extent that it results in the identity of the subject. If we need to fulfill a legal obligation that requires the processing of minor data, we must ask for and obtain the written consent of one of the parents.

The services we provide are aimed at people over 18 years old. If the data posted on our company website comes from a person under the age of 18, we can not know or be responsible for it. In case we become aware that this data comes from a minor, we will delete them immediately.


The Web Site uses cookies as part of the facilitation and operation of the services through its website. Cookies are small files, which are sent and stored on the user’s computer, allowing websites such as www., to operate smoothly, to collect user options, to identify frequent users, to facilitate their access to it, and to collect data to improve the content of the website. Cookies do not cause harm to users’ computers or to the files stored on them. You must keep in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary in order for the website to function properly and smoothly. In any case, you can delete the cookies according to the instructions of the browser manufacturers that you use.


Your choices and rights

The data subject has the following processing rights, which we know of:

  • We understand that you may wish to be aware of the personal data we process on your behalf. In order to satisfy your request and to protect your personal data, when submitting your request (electronically to email privacy [at] you must provide us with a copy of your ID or other document proving your identity. and put your signature on the paper request. Our Company reserves the right to deny your request, as long as the information you provide us does not reveal your identity.
  • If you wish to correct, delete, restrict the processing of your data, object to the processing of your data or request that you become aware of your personal data, or transfer it to a third party, you must submit a written request electronically to privacy [at] In any case, you must provide sufficient identification to be able to respond promptly to your request and to ensure that your personal data will not be processed by unauthorized persons, but by their subject.

We rely on you to ensure that your personal information is complete, accurate and up to date. Please inform us in time for any changes or inaccuracies in your personal information, by contacting the email: privacy [at] We will handle your request in accordance with applicable law.