Quality Control

H REMACO S.A εφαρμόζει πιστοποιημένο Σύστημα Ποιότητας σε εναρμόνιση με το Πρότυπο ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013

The quality policy of the company is the cornerstone for achieving its goals which are: the provision of high quality consulting services to its clients, in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction of their needs within the limits of professional ethics, ethics, maintenance high level of efficiency of its executives, the achievement of continuous improvement of internal processes.

  • Provision of Consulting Services in matters of Strategic & Business Planning
  • Development Studies & Research
  • Design, Management & Evaluation of Development Programs & Interventions
  • Human Resources Development
  • Reorganization & Digital Transformation of Businesses & Organizations
  • Development, Installation & Support of Information Systems & Internet Applications