«We specialize in funding Research and Innovation / Research and Development, sharing the objectives of National and Regional Innovation Strategies and the need to reorganize the country's productive fabric, as set out in the National Development Program»

Finding adequate funding is often a limiting factor for the further development of businesses and organizations. Our company specializes in locating, networking and communication, forming alliances and negotiating with potential financiers inside and outside Greece. Our clients have benefited from raising funds from traditional and innovative sources of funding, and especially from the excellent knowledge of the framework for the implementation of state aid in Greece.

We maintain a wide network of monitoring and contacts of private and public sources of funding within the EU, allowing the rapid design, response and adaptation of a project or program initiative into a tangible proposal to the appropriate source of funding.

We take a holistic approach where funding is part of the real-life cycle of policies, programs, and projects. Raising funds without a strategy is questionable. Accordingly, appropriate enforcement mechanisms are needed to monitor the achievement of the objectives.

Our Services Include

Identification and Utilization of Suitable Investment Opportunities

Eligibility Assessment

Feasibility Study/ Business Plan

Support Services during the Application Stage

Management and Audit of Investment Projects

Project Design, Implementation and Monitoring

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