«We are committed to helping you design and implement the best strategy that will ensure the sustainable development of your business»

In today’s business environment, organizations face new challenges such as, regulatory developments, digitization, and international developments. As a result, management needs to focus on the organization’s strengths and, through the formulation of a competitive strategy, turn challenges into growth opportunities.

Our Company, with over 30 years’ experience, in providing strategic and development services to both public and private sector organizations, believes that strategic planning leads to better performance and results. We support, SME’s and large private companies as well as public organizations in formulating their strategies.

Our Services Include

The Environmental and Regulatory Requirements Analysis

The Utilization of Incentives for the Company’s positioning in relation to the respective public policy

Specialized Surveys and Studies

Networking, Communication, and formulation of collaborations with potential partners in Greece and abroad

The experience and know-how of our company covers the full range of public investment planning in the Greek environment, through the EU Structural and Investment Funds (ERDF, ESF and EMFF) and the Public Investment Program. The services are provided both to the implementing body of the respective policy (financier) and to the potential beneficiary, whether it is a public or a private body.

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