REMACO S.A supports both the public and private sector in the implementation of policies, programs and projects.

Central to our understanding is the need for appropriate monitoring and evaluation systems that serve the entire life cycle of a strategy or public policy program.

The experience and specialization of our company covers the full range of the implementation of public investments in the Greek environment, through the EU Structural and Investment Funds and the Public Investment Program. The services are provided both to the implementing body of the respective policy (financier) and to the potential beneficiary, whether it is a public or a private body.

In this context, we serve the full range of Public Administration, covering the Local Government, the Regions, the Central Government and its bodies as well as the services of the European Commission.

For over 30 years, our company has been incremental in the management and implementation of National and Regional Operational Programs, and the respective Acts. Our company has provided consulting and technical support services to Managing Authorities and beneficiaries so as to help them meet the requirements and regulations of the European Structural and Investment Funds. Throughout the years, we have supported public administrators in introducing innovative services to improve transparency, services to citizens and the effectiveness of public policies.

In the same context, we specialize in the Evaluation of Public Policy Programs, Acts and Projects, in Greece and Cyprus: monitoring and evaluation are an integral part of a single project lifecycle that covers the feedback of strategy design and securing (further) funding.

Our Services include

Specialized Support

Data and Process Management

Training and Information Services

Quality Assurance

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